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When Tooth Extractions Are Necessary

Tooth Extractions Belton MO

There are many reasons why your dentist may recommend a tooth extraction and getting this news can be scary and overwhelming. Yet, knowing what issues may lead to needing tooth extractions and what happens after can help ease your mind, especially since people are often in less pain after the extraction.  At Pacific Plains Dental, one of our most common procedures are tooth extractions so you can have comfort knowing you are in experienced hands.

When Tooth Extractions Are Needed

Decay – The most common reason people need a tooth extracted is because of severe tooth decay and gum disease. If infection is left untreated and spreads to the pulp that contains the nerves and blood vessels beyond what a root canal can fix, you will need to have the tooth pulled before the infection can reach the bone and spread to other teeth.

Crowding – If your mouth is too small for your teeth, they can start to get pushed together which causes crowding. Crowded teeth can be difficult to keep clean since bacteria and plaque can hide in between them and cause gum disease and tooth decay. Having a tooth removed can help give your teeth more room. One of the most common causes of crowding is not having your wisdom teeth removed early enough.

After Surgery

There will be some pain after the surgery as your gums heal and your dentist should prescribe you a painkiller to take as you need them. It is also important to use ice packs on the outside of your mouth where the tooth was pulled to help reduce swelling. Rinse your mouth with water regularly to keep bacteria from settling in the holes in your gums and avoid smoking and sucking on anything since this can pull out blood clots and prolong healing.

Your gums should heal relatively quickly so you can begin eating normal foods relatively soon after surgery but you should try and eat soft foods such as yogurt, soup, and pudding for the first few days so that you don’t bite down on the healing gum. This will also let your gums close enough so food particles won't become stuck in them and cause infection.

Consult your dentist if you are experiencing prolonged or extreme pain or if you need more tips on how to care for your mouth post surgery. If you are living in the Belton, MO area and are having extreme pain and feel like you may need an extraction, please contact Dr. Ian Kuklenski and his team today!



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