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How Do You Know if I have a Cavity?

Dental Exams in Belton MO

If you suspect you may have a cavity and are looking for a Belton, MO dentist, we can guide you through the process of having an initial exam where we look for dental conditions such as cavities and gum disease.

Cavities occur when bacteria softens the enamel of your teeth and causes a pit or fissure. When this occurs, you will not likely experience any pain until the cavity is fairly well advanced.

When you come to our Belton, MO dental office, we can detect cavities in a number of ways. We may be able to see it visually, upon inspection. This often occurs when the cavity is on the chewing surface of your tooth where it is easier to see. In other cases, detecting a cavity is not so simple, so we employ some of the latest technology to make cavity detection more accurate.

We use digital dental x-rays to look for signs of decay that are not visible through visual inspection. We can also use x-rays to determine the size of your cavity so that we can plan treatment.

Decay appears on x-rays as a particularly dark area because the density of your tooth is different due to the decay. We can show you on our monitors right in the treatment rooms, making it easy for you to understand why it is essential to treat the area.

Decay does not heal on its own and often worsens over time. We strive to treat such dental conditions quickly, while they are still manageable so that we can save your tooth, prevent infection, and avoid more costly or invasive treatment.

We offer both amalgam and tooth-colored fillings, depending on your needs. Because they match your existing teeth, many people prefer tooth-colored fillings. We will determine which option will work best for you!

If you are looking for a Belton, MO dentist, we welcome you and currently accept new patients in our dental office.

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