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Dental Emergencies

Dental Emergencies in Belton MO

It can be difficult to plan for dental emergencies, especially if you are unsure if your condition qualifies as an emergency. One of the best ways to be prepared is to know if your situation is an emergency and to know which dental offices in your area will make time to treat you. At Pacific Plains Dental, we offer same day appointments to current and new patients so we can be there for them when they need us the most.

What Qualifies as a Dental Emergency?

  • Broken or missing tooth – Trauma is one of the most common causes of broken or dislodged teeth but it is also possible to lose or break a tooth due to poor dental hygiene or biting down on a hard object. If you lose or break a tooth, it is important to keep the tooth moist by either placing it back in the socket or in a container with milk. It is fine to gently rinse dirt or debris from the tooth, but avoid scrubbing any remaining tissue off of the surface.
  • Broken or missing restoration – Breaking or losing a filling or crown is rare, but if it does happen it is important to contact us right away. These restorations help protect your tooth from food particles and bacteria and prolonged exposure can cause infection and decay. We may not be able to replace the filling that day, but we can put in a temporary filling to help protect your tooth until a permanent restoration can be put in.
  • Severe pain – Pain can be a symptom of many dental concerns, so it is important to see us right away if you are experiencing severe tooth pain. During your appointment, we will try to find out what is causing the pain and the best way to treat it. Even if you need to come in for a follow-up appointment, we can prescribe you something to make you more comfortable.

How We Handle Your Emergency

When you call our office with a dental emergency, we will talk through your concerns to find out if you need an emergency visit. If you do need to see us right away, we will bring you in as soon as possible for quick treatment and schedule a follow-up appointment if necessary. If you live in the Belton, MO area and are unsure if you are experiencing a dental emergency or would like to learn more about our emergency dental services, please contact Dr. Ian Kuklenski and his team at your earliest convenience. 

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